Thursday, 19 April 2018

History of a Garden

At the begining of March 1973 Dave took possession of the keys to our present home, in Chippenham.  We were not gardeners.  My Dad had looked after our garden in Perth and had supplied us with fresh vegetables from his and my grandad's garden out at Luncarty.

I had done a bit of weeding but two small boys and the house took up most of my time.

So I moved down two or three weeks later and found this huge back garden.  At the bottom was an entrance into a lane across a ditch, the ditch was for the run off in wet winter weather from the field at the top of our road.  The boundary at the bottom ran left to right and consisted of a hedge of, we thought at the time, elder.

A concrete block path led from the side of the house down to the entrance into the lane.  In front of the back of the house was a grass patch a third of the way up the rest of the 60' was garden!

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