Tuesday, 17 April 2018


Dave has been a Wedding photographer for a long time. In these days or as the phrase goes now back in the day, it was a far more complex way of working.

You started with a roll of film which only took 20 maximum black and white images.  You had to be extremely careful when you loaded it into the camera to avoid getting any light in.  In fact you used either a darkroom with red light or a changing bag.  You then took your pictures went back into the darkroom transferred the negative film onto a spool making sure the surfaces were not touching and loaded the film into a tank with a tight fitting lid, in the dark!  Mixing the chemicals was an art in itself, you were required to make sure you had both the ratio correct and the temperature. First the developer, pour away then rinse, and finally the fixer.  All to a strict timetable or you took the risk of over or under developing your film.  That took a few hours, you then had to wait for the negatives to dry.  

To get your pictures you again needed a dark room and equipment.  You carefully mixed your chemicals, developer, clear water and fixer in separate dishes at a set temperature.  Your paper was in a light proof black container and again you could only unwrap it in a darkroom with a red light.  The key to this procedure is knowing when the time was right to tke it our of the developer!! 

  One of Dave's early wedding images

Using wi-fi cards straight from your camera to the laptop in comparison is MAGIC!!

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