Sunday, 10 June 2018

10 Tips to Improve your chances of a Great Photoshoot

You have decided that you would like some good photographs of yourself to either keep for posterity or you would like to show them to people who might let you do some modelling.  No worries we can help with that.  We have been taking photographs of all ages of people for many years.

Ladies First

Here are ten tips to improve your chances of good results.

1  Have an idea of the type of images you are after
2  Take a few items of clothing with you that you can mix and match
3  Also a couple of pairs of shoes High heels give a lovely line to the legs remember you won't need to walk in them!
4  Manicure and Pedicure. Well looked after nails finish off the line of the hands and feet, again it gives a far better finish to any pose.
5   Always be on time, to early they might not be ready for you, too late and they do not know if you are coming.
6   Use a matt foundation and powder, for makeup base.
7   Do Mascara or false eyelashes
8  Ask questions regarding the session ie Will there be a hairdresser or makeup artist.If there is not follow numbers 6 and 7.
9. Do your homework, work out some standard poses for head shots, 3/4 length, full length and practise them.
10. Work out what is your best expressions. your best smile can be any think from a quirk of the lips to a full set of teeth smile.  Find out yours.

Most important enjoy it!!!

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