Thursday, 21 June 2018

Make Up Tips

Make Up Tips

A clear skin helps the photographer and the client who has commissioned the shoot as there is no need for post production.

If there is no designated make-up artist and you have not been given a brief, follow these tips:

Cleanse tone and moisturise

a flat foundation to match your skin tone, no shine or shimmer

Contour under your cheeks to give a faint shadow

Highlight the cheek bone to catch the light

Neutral blusher just under the highlighter on your cheekbones

Go over with a light powdering of flat powder

Mascara and false eyelashes to compliment your look

Whatever colour eyeshadow that looks natural with your colouring

Dark eyeshadow at eyeline lightening and merging towards eyebrows

Eyeliner again to compliment the look you are going for

lip liner, around lips keeps lipcolour from bleeding into the surrounding skin

add a little highlighter above the bow of your lips, adds a little younger look

fill in with your chosen colour of lipstick and gloss

There are some marvelous tips for makeup ideas from this link:
 Eddie Funkhouser Cosmetics

Also you might like to follow this young lady:
Katie Anne Westall

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