Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Orchid Tips from a Novice


Yesterday I posted an image of my pride and joy a Moth Orchid which was bought from my local Garden Centre for a fiver.

there was such a lot of feedback along the lines of how did you manage it? I decided to post this blog.  Because I still am a novice (even after a couple of years), I asked for help from my cousin Cath who has successfully had these beautiful flowers for a long time. Her advice was pick a day and once a week on that day give your plants a spoonful of water allow it to drain away, place then in a good spot, feed them once a month and ignore them!

Now up until now my family have known me to be the devil incarnate with potted plants, and cut flowers have always had to short a lifefor me.  Orchids on the other hand seem to flower for ever!!

Today Tuesday is my designated orchid day.  I decided to have a go at this video lark to show off my collection and maybe help others with the orchids they have been given as presents!

Number One 

White Moon Orchid (Phalaenopsis amabilis)

Number Two

Pink Moon Orchid (Phalaenopsis Blume)

This was it when I rescued it.

Orchid number One Update

It has been a hectic last few months but getting settled again and have an update on my number one orchid. It has bloomed lost the blooms and is now back in bloom.  I re potted it as it had outgrown its 17cms pot and is now in a 19 cms one.  

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